5 Great Reasons to Buy Smart

1. Mission Statement

At Smart Electric™ we are committed to delivering world-class results. Our mission is to provide our customers with competitive pricing, while offering superior quality products and service. Continuous innovations eliminate non-value added steps, therefore providing added savings to our customers. We will strive to ensure error-free transactions and on-time delivery. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by making every experience with us enjoyable, easy and convenient.

2. Green Promise

Smart Electric™ has been focused on HVACR components for over a decade. The 100+ years of combined management experience allows us to design, develop, and utilize "Smart" processes to help the environment. We are continuously looking for new ways and designs to assist in our Green effort.

3. Proprietary Products

Smart Electric™ products are sold only by us to HVACR Wholesalers. The products are never sold through "Big Box" stores or the internet. This allows us to give our customers the opportunity to sell products specifically made for their customer– the licensed contractor.

4. Ordering & Delivery

Products may be ordered by email to [email protected] or by sending us a FAX to 305-500-9896. Generally orders are acknowledged the same day and ship within 1 day. Prepaid freight terms are listed on all of our price sheets and seasonal programs. If you need the name of our local representative, please do not hesitate to call us at 866-591-9898, and our customer service department will assist you.

5. Smart Electric® products

offer the following propositions that make our line a Real True Value:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quality
  • Strength of Product Offering
  • Inventory
  • Delivery
  • Incentives
  • Value Added Service
  • Home Office Support
  • Most Important–Valued Relationships!