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Access Valves & Fittings

Our access fittings and valves are designed to offer convenient and safe solutions for the addition of service ports to any open or closed refrigeration or air conditioning systems.

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  1. Caps

    Starting at: $36.00

    Caps Learn More
  2. Copper Solder Tees

    Starting at: $45.00

    SMART ELECTRIC SVUX SERIES access fttings provide copper tubing with 1/8" pipe thread below the hex. Other various tube sizes are available to provide proper ftting. A core remover cap is included in the SVUX series. Learn More
  3. Copper Tube Extensions

    Starting at: $59.00

    Copper Tube Extensions Learn More
  4. Half Unions

    Starting at: $38.00

    Half Unions Learn More
  5. Line Tap Value

    Starting at: $12.00

    FEATURES: • Provides quick access for refrigerant pressures to be measured • Line tap valve retracting needle provides a leak tight seal • System can be serviced with any charging hose • Individually boxed • Includes hex key Learn More
  6. R410 Fitting Adapters

    Starting at: $43.00

    R410 Fitting Adapters Learn More
  7. Step Down Solders

    Starting at: $24.00

    Step Down Solders Learn More
  8. Straight Solders

    Starting at: $30.00

    Straight Solders Learn More
  9. Union with Flare Nuts

    Starting at: $19.00

    Union with Flare Nuts Learn More
  10. Unions

    Starting at: $34.00

    Unions Learn More
  11. Valve Core Tools

    Starting at: $72.00

    Valve Core Tools Learn More

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11 Item(s)